What is CORE?

The purpose of the Collaboration Of Rehabilitation and Education (CORE) group is to share information as professionals about each other’s program to enhance collaboration and resources available to individuals with disabilities. This collaborative forum promotes the exchange of information on rehabilitation, education, and issues of common concern. The CORE group may examine policy issues and process improvements to further the goals of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The CORE Group consists of University and Community College representatives from each region, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and Oregon Commission for the Blind (OCB). On an annual basis, the representatives appointed to the CORE Group will determine the schedule and format of these meetings, considering large group, regional, and virtual opportunities as appropriate to ensure stakeholder involvement.

Who Represents CORE?

VR Representatives

OCB Representatives

    ORAHEAD Representatives

    • Melanie Gangle, MS, CRC
      Program Manager, Accessible Education Services
      Shepard Academic Resource Center
      University of Portland
    • Jewls Harris, MA, CRC, NCC
      Access Counselor and Consultant, Disability Resource Center
      Portland State University
    • Earlee Kerekes-Mishra
      Manager of Intake, Retention and Transition Disability Access Services
      Oregon State University
    • Carol Raymundo
      Center for Accessibility Resources
      Linn-Benton Community College

    Where can I find ORAHEAD and VR Institutions?

    The following map provides placemarks for both Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and ORAHEAD Institutions. If you have corrections or comments, please contact ORAHEAD. Please note that some institutional Google Apps accounts may have settings that prevent viewing maps like this while logged in. Suggestion: Try accessing the link when you are not logged into your institutional Google account.