Disability Services 201


Thursday, November 8


10:15 a.m. to 11:15 p.m.


Kaela Parks and Martha Smith


This session will provide participants with an opportunity to engage with one another around complex aspects of disability services in post-secondary education. Participants will be able to share and reflect on policy and practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Consider disability and accessibility related themes and trends in the context of current professional practice
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen institutional capacity in specific areas

Presentation Materials

Presenter Bio(s)

Kaela Parks

Kaela Parks is the Director of Disability Services at Portland Community College. She is a former Co-Chair of the AHEAD Standing Committee on Technology, a past Chair of the NASPA Disability Knowledge Community, and a past President of ORAHEAD. She was lead trainer for a FIPSE demonstration project aimed at supporting adjunct faculty on rural campuses in the implementation of Universal Design, and was co-editor of the publication titled “Beyond the ADA:Proactive Policy and Practice for Higher Education.” She enjoys partnering with instructional faculty on Open Education initiatives and frequently offers training and presentations on a variety of disability and accessibility related topics.

Martha R. Smith

Martha R. Smith, Director Disability Access Services at Oregon State University. Martha has been working with and getting to know, in depth, the ADA since its birth in 1990. She has worked with access and disability rights issues in multiple settings. Martha has a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities of working with issues of access, universal design and the ADA and how to come out on the other side with win-win resolutions.