Maximizing Standard Operating Procedures: Flexibility with Attendance/Assignment Accommodations


Thursday, November 2


9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.


Tay McEdwards


This proposal is for a presentation that explores effective methods for implementing flexibility with attendance and assignment accommodations through maximizing the use of technology. The presentation will examine an approach taken by Oregon State University to implement flexibility with attendance and assignment accommodations using AIM. It will showcase efficient ways to build upon other institutions procedures to design an effective procedure for providing accommodations at your own institution. This will demonstrate one method of developing an interactive process for flexibility with attendance and assignment accommodations using streamlined procedures that maximize the use of technology. It will also examine the impact of standard operating procedures and highlight some best practices for developing them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ways to maximize standard operating procedures
  • Methods to create an interactive process for individualized accommodations while using technology
  • How to implement Flexibility with Attendance/Assignment Accommodations using a variety of technology

Presenter Bio(s)

Tay McEdwards
Tay McEdwards is the Operations Manager for Disability Access Services (DAS) at Oregon State University (OSU). He earned his M.S. in Education Information Technology from Western Oregon University. Tay has worked in disability services at OSU since 2012. During this time, he revamped multiple service programs with streamlined procedures that increased student access. Prior to working in higher education, Tay spent twelve years in operations management. He currently serves as the Mentorship Coordinator on the Oregon Association on Higher Education and Disability (ORAHEAD) Board of Directors.