The Oregon Association of Higher Education and Disability, or ORAHEAD, is a coalition of professionals from public and private institutions of higher education around the state of Oregon. ORAHEAD has been established to strengthen the professionalism, expertise, and competency of individuals who are vitally interested and involved in services for students with disabilities by:

  • becoming an effective voice for post-secondary disability services personnel in the state;
  • promoting equal rights and opportunities for post-secondary students with disabilities by encouraging and supporting legislation for their benefit;
  • communicating and coordinating with other organizations and agencies involved in efforts related to education, transition, and habilitation of persons with disabilities;
  • facilitating the exchange of information and the coordination of efforts among personnel serving students with disabilities in post-secondary, public, private, and continuing education in all post-secondary systems in Oregon;
  • conducting professional meetings and conferences among personnel working with students with disabilities in higher education;
    advancing high standards of professional ethics and conduct among personnel serving students with disabilities in higher education;
  • developing ways of improving post-secondary educational programs and services for students with disabilities;
  • stimulating, promoting, and supporting research in the field of disability services within higher education;
  • informing the public concerning post-secondary education programs for students with disabilities.

ORAHEAD is an affiliate of the national Association for Higher Education and Disabilities, or AHEAD, a similarly-focused organization. Some but not all ORAHEAD members are also members of AHEAD.


ORAHEAD is recognized as a non-profit organization by the state of Oregon and is a 502(c)(3) nonprofit organization. More information about our association can be found in our ORAHEAD Bylaws – Updated 2015.